December Bobcat Bonus Day!


We are proud to announce our December Bobcat Bonus Day!  Every Thursday in the month of December we will celebrate “Holiday Themed Shirts”! Bobcat Bucks will be counted by the teacher each Wednesday.  If your child has enough Bobcat Bucks, they will receive a Bobcat Bonus card letting you know that they can participate. 

  Students must pay 2 Bobcat Bucks to participate in this event. 

The following guidelines must be followed for this event.

  • Students may wear Christmas/ winter holiday themed shirts.

  • Shirts with snowflakes/ gingerbread men/ snowmen/ etc will be allowed. 

  • Shirts can be store bought or homemade. 

  • Students must wear uniform bottoms.

The following is from the Vermilion Parish Handbook and will be adhered to for this special event:

Tops – See- through, tight fitting, or that which exposes the mid-section are prohibited.  This shall include, but not be limited to halter tops, crop tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, noodle straps, and mesh tops, etc.

If you are unsure, please bring the shirt to the office and ask.  Our number one priority is always education and these special events allow us to celebrate good behavior and have a direct impact on our ability to teach and learn at DES.  Please work with us to make this Bobcat Bonus a success!


PBIS Committee