Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week
•October 25, 2022 $1 T-shirt for Technology, Drug/Bully Free Week “SOCK it to Bullies and Drugs”. Wear crazy socks - fun patterns and/or mismatched 
•October 26, 2022 PBIS Snack Cart, Drug/Bully Free Week “Proud to be Drug Free” Wear red! - Red shirts, socks, shoes, bows, etc. Uniform bottoms must be worn.
 •October 27, 2022 Drug/Bully Free Week “Put a CAP on Bullies and Drugs”. Wear a baseball cap, hat or headband to school.
•October 28, 2022 $1 Jeans or Athletic Shorts/Pants, Drug/Bully Free Week- “Be Fab-BOO-lous” Wear a Fall/Halloween themed shirt with uniform bottoms or pay $1 for jeans/athletic pants/shorts.
•Monday, October 31, 2022- Happy Halloween, Class Parties Students are allowed to wear Fall/Halloween Themed shirts with uniform bottoms