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"A" School Again!

“A” School Again! The state issues School Performance Scores for public schools based on student achievement data. To clearly communicate the quality of school performance to families and the public, Louisiana adopted letter grades (A-F). All schools with sufficient data receive school performance scores.

For elementary schools (K-6) 100 percent of the school grade is based on student achievement on annual assessments in English language arts, math, science, and social studies.   Schools may also earn points for students who meet their growth target. 

I am proud to announce for the third consecutive year Dozier has scored an A.  Our school performance score is 90.3.  I am very proud of our hard working students and teachers on their accomplishments.  Our teachers have continued to set high expectations and our students have risen to the challenge.  I would like to thank our supportive families and community that have helped us to be an outstanding school. 

Karla Langlinais
Dozier Elementary Principal

School Performance scores came out. Some changes as to how they calculate scores are available. You can see more about that here!