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Drug Free and Bully Free Week

This week Dozier students were entertained by Mrs. Poche (librarian), Mrs. Shelanne (counselor), Mrs. Georgia, Mrs. Sasha, and Mrs. Jamie (custodians), and Mrs. Betty (grandparent volunteer) as they performed a skit to promote Anti-Bully Week. There was also audience participation for part of the skit. The skit portrays two boys who are known as bullies in town. One boy is thinking of becoming a kind person. The other boy has second thoughts. The boys try to bully two new students, who are undercover agents from an anti-bully school program. The girls with the help of another undercover agent and the police take a stance against bullying. When the boys get to help a grandma (who is really an undercover police) from bullies, the boys both decide not to be bullies anymore. This skit is part of our Anti-Bully and Anti- Drug Awareness activities at Dozier during the month of October. Mrs. Shelanne also visited every classroom where students participated in activities to make them aware of bullying and the dangers of drugs. The Dozier Beta Club officers also hung up "Kindness Campaign" posters will pull tabs for students to pull and perform acts of kindness. The Dozier 4-H Club posted a large heart in the cafeteria for students to sign as part of their Commitment to Kindness Campaign. Students also participated in themed dress-up days to take a stance against bullies and drugs.


•Dozier Elementary October 22nd T-shirts for technology- $1.00 donation, Drug-Free/Bully Free Awareness Week. Give the BOOT to Bullies and Drugs” WEAR BOOTS TO SCHOOL

•Dozier Elementary October 23rd Drug-Free/Bully Free Awareness Week- Wednesday, “SOCK it to Bullies and Drugs”---WEAR CRAZY SOCKS TO SCHOOL, It is also free dress day for those with no office referrals!

Dozier Elementary October 24th Drug Free/Bully Free Awareness Week, Put a CAP on Bullies and Drugs”—WEAR A CAP or HAT TO SCHOOL

Dozier Elementary Friday, October 25---“BOBCATS say NO to Bullies and Drugs” WEAR Bobcat Blue and White ATTIRE TO SCHOOL