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State Elementary Jr. Beta Convention 2019

  • State Louisiana Elementary Jr. Beta President: 5th grade Dozier Elementary student Madeline Zegura was named the first ever Elementary Jr. Beta State President.
  • 1st Place: Quiz Bowl: Preston Bourgeois, Everett Etie, Allie Falgout, and Carter Primeaux
  • 2nd Place Campaign Skit
  • 2nd Place in Book Battle: Jasper Chauvin, Aubrey Broussard, and Bennett Hargrave
  • 3rd Place in Living Literature: Carter Guilbeau, Talen Landry, Jack Landry, Cooper Fourroux, Drake Wright, Miley Romero, Christian Guidry, Ali Bouillion, Aubrey Broussard, Tyler Vincent, Victoria Touchet, Regin Hargrave, and Andrew Stutes
  • 3rd Place in technology: Everett Etie and Phillip Toups
  • 4th Place in Recyclable Art Aubrey Broussard
  • 5th Place in Portfolio: Ali Bouillion
  • 5th Place Poetry: Madison Hudson