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Support Person of the Year

Dozier Elementary Support Person of the Year

Note: The Support Person Honors have changed through the years. In 1993-1994, Patty Broussard was the Parish and Regional Support Person of the year. Once Dozier returned from being displaced after Hurricane Rita, the awards started at the school level again.

1.  2009-2010 Vicky Labit (Also Vermilion Parish Award for Dozier and LeBlanc Elementary)

2.  2010-2011 Margie Duplantis

3.  2011-2012 Dianne Romero

4.  2012-2013 Loretta Milliman

5.  2013-2014 Patty Broussard

6.  2014-2015 Fran Mouton

7.  2015-2016 Laure Richert

8.  2016-2017 Hali Domingue Reaux

9.  2017-2018 Amy Wilson Stakes