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Student of the Year

Dozier Elementary never had a “Student of the Year” at the parish level, due to the fact that the school had never had a 5th grade level. In 2009, however, 5th grade was added and for the first time, the school had to send a finalist to the parish level. Here are the list of SOTY for Dozier Elementary.


1.            2009-2010 Jada Poche'

2.            2010-2011 Brennan Felix

3.            2011-2012 Camryn Hebert

4.            2012-2013 Kelbi LaShare (Also Parish Winner)

5.            2013-2014 Olivia Lopez

6.            2014-2015 Claire Watson

7.            2015-2016 Owen Stutes

8.            2016-2017 Lynkon Romero

9.            2017-2018 Sadie Bourque