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$1 Jean Day Fridays

Dozier Elementary will have $1 Jean Day Fridays this year again. Every Friday, Dozier Elementary students will be able to wear blue jeans for a $1 donation. Dozier Elementary Friday $1jean day. They can wear Dozier Spirit shirts or uniform shirts on those days with their jeans. If the students wear their uniform pants with their Dozier t-shirt or uniform shirt, there is no $1 donation required. Dozier’s guidelines: Blue jean can be long, capris, crops, shorts or a skirt. Jeans with holes are not allowed. Jeans cannot be worn lower than the top of the hipbone. Slabbing is prohibited. Only inset pockets are allowed. No pockets are allowed on legs. Belts must be worn for students in grades 1-5.) ONLY DOZIER ELEMENTARY Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays with their uniform bottoms or with blue jeans. It can be a Dozier Spirit shirt from prior years, but ONLY DOZIER ELEMENTARY spirit shirts can be worn on Fridays.